New Hearing Aid Technology

For individuals with hearing loss, hearing instruments are helpful, allowing for better communication in many different environments. Now hearing aid technology merges with our communication and entertainment devices! This opens up opportunities for better access for those with hearing loss.   

Do hearing aids connect to cell phones?
Yes, hearing instruments connect directly to most cell phones without additional devices! If you have a smart phone you download a FREE application. This application (manufacturer dependent) allows for hands-free phone conversations, volume adjustments, and program changes, focusing mics in specific directions, and monitoring battery drain. It may also allow for direct sound access to any form of media you may enjoy via smart phone instead of needing to use the phone’s speaker.

If you have an older phone, similar results may be achieved by using a streaming device to connect the hearing aids to your phone. 

How do hearing aids connect to the TV?
Televisions require a TV link to allow the signal to be sent to the hearing instruments. The hearing instruments then provide an audible and comfortable signal for the aided listener. Other individuals in the room may listen to the television at a comfortable level without interrupting or reducing the volume to the aided listener. 

How can you zoom in on just one person or a small group of people?
A small remote microphone may be clipped onto a speaker, and as long as the speaker remains within 30 feet of the aided listener, it sounds as if they are next to you. There are also devices which may be placed on a table to target the conversation just at that table. 

Columbus Regional Health has highly-qualified and state licensed audiologists and speech language pathologists on staff who specialize in evaluation and treatment of all ages. If you would like to discuss current hearing aid technology, how to better access your communication or entertainment devices through your current hearing aids, new hearing instrument options, or have concerns about your hearing, contact the Columbus Regional Health Audiology Department at 812-376-5373 ext. 2 to schedule an appointment.

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