New Radiologist Zeroes in on Breast Health

Suzanne Hand, MD
Andrew Laker/CRH
Women now have access to a board-certified radiologist who specializes in breast imaging and biopsy, and has worked in women’s health imaging for more than two decades. Suzanne Hand, M.D., recently joined Columbus Radiology Physicians LLC, and works with the Breast Health Center and Southern Indiana Surgery.

Specialized Training
Dr. Hand graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine and completed her residency at Medical College of Toledo in Ohio. She also completed a breast fellowship at the University of Utah Health Science Center.

“My career has paralleled the explosion in technology that has transformed breast imaging and biopsy,” Dr. Hand said. “We’ve moved from analog to digital to 3D imaging. We have multiple types of imaging, including mammography, ultrasound and breast MRI. We use automated biopsy tools and get help from artificial intelligence. We now offer more options to women with dense breast tissue. And women are getting more information and choices thanks to genetic counseling and testing.”

Early Detection Is Key
Dr. Hand says the five-year survival rate of breast cancer has risen steadily as technology helps physicians detect it at earlier, more treatable stages.

“Unfortunately, some women still don’t know the recommended screening intervals,” she said. “I fully support starting mammograms at age 40 and having them yearly until women and their doctors decide that screening is no longer needed.”

Exceptional Care Close to Home
Women who get mammograms at the Breast Health Center have come to expect outstanding care and compassion. Dr. Hand adds to the unique approach the staff embodies. 

“Having Dr. Hand here brings a lot to the community,” said Deana Tuell, R.N., BSOM, CBCN, manager of the Breast Health Center. “She is dedicated to breast health and feels right at home treating women. The patients and the staff love her.”

“All together, we have more than 100 years  of experience providing mammograms and caring for women,” Dr. Hand said.

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