Spotlight on WellConnect at NexusPark

(Pictured above, from left to right are: Courtney Watkins, Kelly Staley, Maria Camp, Sara Bishop, Beth Dawson, Julie Abedian, and Alyssa Meek)
We recently asked WellConnect Lead Courtney Watkins about the team's experience at NexusPark since moving into the facility at the end of January. Below is what she shared. 

What do you and the team like about working at NexusPark? 
"The people! We love being able to speak to patients face to face (we were a fully remote team for four years). Our team is all about making authentic connections, so being able to speak to patients in person has been amazing. We are also now able to help patients schedule primary care provider appointments right on the spot, as well as accommodate some insurance navigation walk-ins. We also enjoy being together for the first time as a team!
 We are looking forward to the rest of the practices moving in! Our team is here to support their patients that may need primary care assistance, insurance navigation, or general resource assistance. We are excited to be able to welcome everyone to a brand new space!" 

What is a typical day at NexusPark for the WellConnect team?
"Our team was one of the first to move in, and since we are located at the front door, we have been doing a lot of wayfinding for patients! Operating a “front desk” is new for our team, so we currently split up between the desk and our offices, so that we are still able to do our normal job duties (scheduling new patients for primary care, insurance navigation, general resource navigation, etc.) in addition to wayfinding. We hope to add “ambassadors” to our team that will take on the wayfinding and greeting portion of the front desk."

 What are some of the highlights so far?
"Being in-person has allowed us to help patients in a way that we were unable to over the phone when we were 100% remote. For example, Maria [Camp] has been able to greet and talk with patients who speak Spanish, and Claudia [Velez Saenz] was able to assist a Spanish-speaking gentleman who needed help filling out new patient paperwork. I have been able to use sign language with several deaf patients.
 We have also enjoyed watching the artwork go up in each department! You’ll see that each department/office has a theme."

 Do you have some positive feedback from patients that you can share?
"The majority of feedback has been positive from both patients and employees! Patients like how open and bright the space is and appreciate that our team is here to help them find where they are going. There have also been comments about the “one-stop shop” this will be once the lab opens!

Thanks for sharing a bit about the WellConnect experience at NexusPark, Courtney!

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