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Innovation Center

We opened our Innovation Center at Columbus Regional Health in 2011 to be a catalyst for continuous innovation. Our Innovation Center is a place where our staff is inspired to think beyond the ordinary and solve problems in a new way. It is where we work to make the delivery of healthcare more compassionate, less complicated, more affordable, more predictable and always state-of-the-art.

The center combines innovation and simulation into a central location. Our Lean/Six Sigma and clinical simulation/education teams use tools in design thinking, Lean, and Six Sigma to collaborate, test, and adopt best practices faster.

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Innovation Report

"If there is a better way, we will find it, and we will implement it."
- Jim Bickel, Chief Executive Officer

After studying, visiting and engaging with other organizations known for quality and innovation, we have trained and empowered every member of our staff to become a source of innovation.

Learn more about how people, places, projects, processes and partners are making CRH patient care better.

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Intentional Innovation

We believe that for innovation to be intentional, we need to grow our innovation expertise in five fundamental areas or success factors. We call it our Intentional Innovation Framework: People, Places, Projects, Processes and Partners.

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Innovation Scorecard

We measure our performance annually with an Innovation Scorecard. Measures include both annual short-term project measures as well as long-term health system performance measures on cost, quality, satisfaction and market differentiation, which we will track over time.

Information Drives Innovation

in Action

Our pursuit of innovation and excellence is embedded in every action and connection we make to give people the very best health and wellness experience. That’s why at Columbus Regional Health, we use innovation to create, adapt and test ideas to deliver smarter healthcare. Innovation is not just a buzz word for us. It is one of our core values and is part of our daily work processes.

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