CRH Sports Medicine partners with Brown County Schools

Brown County boys tennis player connecting with a forehand shot

Brown County Schools has partnered with Columbus Regional Health as its exclusive provider of sports medicine and athletic training services.

As part of the partnership, Columbus Regional Health provides a full time, certified athletic trainer for Brown County High School.  

“Brown County Schools is deeply appreciative to our friends at Columbus Regional Health for the support of our sports medicine and athletic training services,” said Brown County Schools Superintendent Laura Hammack. “Our students now have access to a world class Sports Medicine team who will provide for them to stay safe and achieve their goals both on and off the playing field. We look forward to a long partnership and are so thankful to the team at Columbus Regional Health for their support of Brown County Schools.”

Licensed trainer Sarah Boyer, ATC, will serve as the primary athletic trainer for the Brown County program.

“Our Sports Medicine Team includes athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians and other specialists who will be working with students and parents to get athletes back in the game as quickly and safely as possible,” said Sue Woosley, Director of Rehabilitation Services for Columbus Regional Health. 

The new partnership will also extend services such as concussion screening and management to student athletes. Many school corporations are moving to a similar contract approach with one exclusive sports medicine provider.   


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