Aug 16, 2016

Our Hospice to hold auction for concert artwork

Inspiration Valley by Donna Rosenber

Our Hospice of South Central Indiana, Inc. is auctioning the original artwork created by Donna Rosenberg for this year's annual free Summer Concert featuring Peter Cetera.

The online auction website is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days a week from work, home or anywhere with internet access.

How it Works

Go to for the 2016 Our Hospice Art Auction to bid on the original concert acrylic on canvas painting. Click on the item to view more details. In order to bid on any items, you must first register with the 32auctions website (You will only need to do this once).

To Register: 

  • Click on the "Login" option in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Use a unique, non-identifying login name as this is the name other bidders will see as you compete for the item.
  • Select "Create Account" Complete the required fields on the form. You will be sent a confirmation email to the address that you provided during registration. Open the email and click on the link provided to confirm your registration
  • Start Bidding

Exact Bid - The single increment you would like to bid on the item at this time.
Proxy Bid - Enter the maximum amount you wish to pay for this item. As other people bid on the item, 32auctions will bid for you up to your maximum amount.

Your maximum bid will remain confidential unless you are outbid (minimum bidding increment is $100.00) Each time you return to the site, you will need to log into your account to place additional bids and/or view your current bid information. 2016 Our Hospice Art Auction will show up under your "My Auctions" page. 

  • NOTE: No monetary exchanges will be made through the 32auction website - it will be used ONLY for bid tracking purposes. All items must be paid for at time of pick up via cash or check made payable to Our Hospice of South Central Indiana. Items not picked up/paid for by Friday, September 23, 2016 will be offered to the next highest bidder. 

About the artwork

30 Years of Saturdays in the Park"Inspiration Valley" Framed 4' x 4' acrylic & glaze painting by Columbus artist Donna Rosenberg.

From the artist:

"The creation of 'Inspiration Valley' came about by the past, present and future of Mill Race Park and the annual free community concert that Our Hospice provides. The goal in creating this painting was to inspire the viewer to celebrate the joys of color and design combined with nature and community. I love the infinite joy and possibilities of paint. Whether it's applied by my brush, pallet knife or my fingers, what can be created is 'endless.'"

"As I dipped into the past I found historically, Mill Race Park was called 'Death Valley,' however in the 1960's the story changed. Columbus, as a community, transformed the valley into a 83 acre park and later in the 80's it became what we know of it today. From the covered bridge to the circular lake, and of course the earthen amphitheater that brought you 30 years of Saturdays in the park, hopefully this story is revealed as you look at the surface, texture, and color moving around the canvas. The final piece portrays a relationship of the spirit, and the creation has its own life and story as do all the families and patients of Our Hospice." 

Online Auction at
Auction opens at 5:00 P.M. on August 25 and ends at 5:01 P.M. September 12, 2016

For questions contact Brigitte Halvorsen at 812-314-8004 

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