Columbus Regional Health introduces new mammography technology


The Breast Health Center of Columbus Regional Health is excited to announce the availability of digital breast tomosythesis, also known as 3D mammography.

3D mammography is an advanced technology that produces digital images of the breast in multiple, very thin layers or “slices” for the radiologist to review. This stack of images creates a more comprehensive and in-depth view of the breast tissue and allows doctors to see masses and distortions that may be associated with cancers significantly more clearly than conventional 2D mammography. 3D mammography also presents a clearer view of normal breast tissue that may appear as abnormal on conventional scans, potentially eliminating unnecessary callbacks.

The mammography exam process with the 3D technology is very similar to a conventional 2D exam, requiring no additional compression and taking only a few seconds longer to produce the multi-layered images. This technology was made possible in part by a donation through the Columbus Regional Health Foundation.

Columbus Regional Health is also honored to provide this to all patients at no upcharge, including those who receive mammograms through our low-cost Mammography Assistance Program.

For more information on our Breast Health Center and 3D Mammography visit

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