EMS upgrades ambulance equipment and technology

Columbus Regional Health is pleased to announce equipment and technological upgrades within the Ambulance Services department. Throughout 2018 and beyond, Ambulance Services will be upgrading its ambulance fleet to 4-wheel-drive diesel trucks with liquid hydraulic suspension. This type of truck has more terrain versatility, and provides a smoother ride for patients.

Each ambulance is also equipped with an electronic coaching system, which monitors speeds, as well as turning and breaking patterns. The technology also allows drivers to anticipate traffic patterns and communicates with the ambulance drivers in real time. “This system has already been such an asset to the quality and cost-efficiency of Ambulance Services at CRH,” said Adam Hoskins, manager of Emergency Medical Services. “It has provided cost-savings on general maintenance associated with the trucks, and affords for a safer ride for our drivers, and most importantly, our patients.”

Additionally, Columbus Regional Health has invested in power-lift systems for the cots housed on each ambulance. The power cots allow for the fully automated lift of all patients being transported by the trucks, which reduces the risk of strain to emergency personnel, and the fall risk for the patient.

“We are constantly evaluating best practices when it comes to providing our patients the safest ride when emergency transport is necessary, and we’re pleased to be able to incorporate the latest technology and innovations into our service to the community,” Hoskins said.

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