Dec 6, 2019

CRH first in state to offer innovative lung disease treatment

    Columbus Regional Hospital's Lung Institute is the first in Indiana to offer a new lung valve procedure for treatment of patients with severe COPD or Emphysema. 
    The procedure is known as a Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR) and uses a device called The Zephyr Endobronchial Valve. The procedure represents a major advancement because it is the first minimally invasive procedure to help emphysema sufferers breathe easier without major surgery.
    More than 15 million Americans suffer from COPD, with 3.5 million of those patients being diagnosed with emphysema. COPD is a progressive disease and gets worse over time. Emphysema is a severe form of COPD. People who suffer from emphysema live with severe shortness of breath that often prevents them from doing simple daily activities without pausing to catch their breath or resting. 
    “Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction is a breakthrough treatment for Emphysema variant of COPD,” said Interventional Pulmonologist Dr. Deepankar Sharma, director of Interventional Pulmonology, Lung Institute & Intensive Care Unit at Columbus Regional Health. “So far, other than inhalers, rehabilitation and lung transplant, there has not been much to offer patients. 
    “It is the first procedural intervention that is able to improve lung capacity, quality of life and exercise capacity in appropriate patients with COPD.”

Who is eligible?

    Patients diagnosed with COPD and considering this form of treatment should consult their physician. One does not have to be diagnosed with emphysema to receive a Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction. Emphysema is a form of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease commonly known as COPD. Learn more here about the symptoms of severe COPD or emphysema.
    “I am thrilled to be able to offer this breakthrough device and form of treatment to my patients,” said Dr. Sharma. The Zephyr Valve is proven to help emphysema patients breathe easier, be more active and enjoy a better quality of life.”

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