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At the onset of COVID-19 in our community, Dr. Mark Henderson, radiation oncologist at the Columbus Regional Health Cancer Center, and his team ensured that safety measures were put in place so that patients could continue receiving care. “We know that patients with cancer cannot wait for an end to the pandemic, so we wanted to make sure that they can get their care safely,” he said.

Dr. Henderson joined the Columbus Regional Health Cancer Center in April 2018 and enjoys the team he works with and the opportunity to help patients every day. 

As was implemented across Columbus Regional Health, the Cancer Center instituted universal mask wearing for all physicians, staff, patients, and visitors. While he has missed seeing patients’ smiles behind the masks, Dr. Henderson is glad that everyone is wearing masks to keep each other safe and so that patients can “get the care that they need with confidence,” he said. The Cancer Center team also developed special procedures for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 but need follow-up care to ensure they can be cared for but to also ensure the safety of other patients and staff. 

For patients who had routine follow-up visits that were either rescheduled or conducted via telehealth, Dr. Henderson said that some have expressed concern over returning to the hospital for their appointments. And while he said that some patients in follow-up can be effectively seen via telehealth appointments, for most patients a visit to the Cancer Center is what they need during treatment and follow-up. “I am very comfortable that the procedures we have in place will keep them safe, and I tell them that it is okay to come in and get the care and follow-up that they need,” he added.

Dr. Henderson helps patients during their cancer journey and makes sure he is available to hear their concerns during and between appointments. “I want them to always feel comfortable reaching out for help if they need it,” Dr. Henderson said. 

To schedule an appointment at the Columbus Regional Health Cancer Center, please call 812-376-5550.

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