CRH Donates Hand Sanitizer Stations

kidscommons_hand sanitizer_2020 b_rsz

Columbus Regional Health (CRH) is pleased to support our community in various ways throughout the year. Due to the recent challenges brought on by COVID-19, we have developed some new and creative ways to further support our community, while also promoting safety, physical distancing, and mask wearing.  

One way we are showing support is by loaning or donating hand sanitizer stations. This is a great opportunity for CRH to support other not-for-profit organizations that, in spite of COVID-19, still have a steady flow of visits from the general public, and consequently have the need for additional hand sanitizing supplies and messaging.  

Columbus Regional Health has donated or loaned a total of 57 hand sanitizing units and continues to supply these organizations with refills as needed. In order to help local organizations meet additional regulations to remain open for business, CRH has recently donated additional units to:

  • Kidscommons
  • Mill Race Center
  • Columbus Farmer’s Market
  • Edinburgh Farmer’s Market 

The health and safety of the people in our community is one of our top priorities. Our vision is to be your health and wellness partner for life, and one of the ways we achieve our vision is by always caring for you and our community with compassion.

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