Workforce spotlight: Brianna Breidenbaugh, Certified Medical Assistant

Brianna Breidenbaugh_blogAs a certified medical assistant at MyCare Family Med, Brianna Breidenbaugh loves being able to help people and being the first person they talk to at their appointment. Administering shots and drawing blood make her feel involved in the patients’ treatment. 

In her role, Brianna supports Dr. Andrea Mernitz. She rooms the patients, gets their vitals, and finds out more about their health status and any concerns. Then she reports that information to Dr. Mernitz. She likes working in family medicine and the diversity in patient ages it brings – from newborns to elderly. Brianna has worked at MyCare for about two years. Prior to her current role, she was a scheduler in the office. 

At MyCare, there is great collaboration and flow to the team’s daily work. As one of the CRHP practices that has earned the Patient-Centered Medical Home designation, Brianna said the team is very much “patient first.” 

Though Brianna has not worked at CRH very long, she has a personal connection to the organization. She was born at the Hospital. Her mother also worked at CRH for more than 10 years and always had great things to say about the organization. “It’s just a good organization all around. I love it,” she said. “It’s not only patient-focused, but employee-focused. You don’t find that everywhere.”

We’re so glad you found a good fit at Columbus Regional Health, Brianna! 

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