Nov 4, 2022

Interventional Pulmonology Program Celebrates Milestone


Approaching the one-year anniversary of CRH’s Robotic + Cone Beam CT guided Bronchoscopy program, the care team recently completed the 100th case using the Ion Robotic platform.

Using these two most advanced technologies for lung biopsies together, the multidisciplinary team, comprised of Lung Institute, Endoscopy and Surgical Services and led by Interventional Pulmonologist Dr. Deepankar Sharma, is able to locate potentially cancerous lung lesions and nodules, even as small as less than size of a dime within the lungs with 98 percent accuracy.

The comprehensive Interventional Program at CRH the only of its kind in Indiana with such ability.

The rate of lung cancer incidence in the southcentral Indiana region remains nearly double the national average. Programs like CRH’s Robotic + Cone Beam CT guided Bronchoscopy allow for earlier cancer detection, when lesions and nodules are smaller, providing patients with treatment options at the earliest stages possible. Early detection greatly increases survival rates. Lung cancer is highly treatable when detected early, within the first one or two stages of development. For more information visit


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