Columbus Regional Health Introduces New General Surgery Practice

Columbus Regional Health is pleased to introduce a new practice – Columbus Regional Health General Surgery. Beginning Jan. 16, 2023 a portion of providers and surgical services through Southern Indiana Surgery will transition to the new practice, Columbus Regional Health General Surgery. This also includes providers and services at the Weight Loss Institute of Columbus Regional Health.


Those team members are as follows:

  • ·        Michael J. Dorenbusch, MD
  • ·        David M. Thompson, MD
  • ·        Justin J. Burdick, MD
  • ·        Cory Banaschak, DO
  • ·        David J. Lee, MD
  • ·        Justin Lee, MD
  • ·        Suzannah Brown, NP
  • ·        Samantha Grider, NP

Columbus Regional Health General Surgery is located in Columbus at 2325 18th Street, Ste. 220. The practice may be reached by phone at 812-376-5640.


The following healthcare providers will remain at the Vascular Center of Southern Indiana Surgery, Inc., located at 2109 Doctors Park Drive in Columbus:


  • ·        Douglas Y. Roese, MD, RPVI
  • ·        Jason W. Christie, MD, RPVI
  • ·        David Chiapaikeo, MD, FACS, RPVI
  • ·        Andrea Youngman, RVT, RT(R)
  • ·        Janet Ibarra, RVT


    Through this transition, patient care will remain unaffected at both locations, and health care providers will continue to provide the same level of compassion and care patients have come to expect. 

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