Mar 26, 2024

CRH conducting independent public health survey

Columbus Regional Health is conducting a Health Status Survey by telephone and online from March through May. 


Information gathered in this survey helps CRH identify and address our region’s most critical community health issues. This survey is conducted by an independent, national organization – PRC – and is completely anonymous. There are two ways that people can complete the survey:

  • The survey firm, PRC, will be phoning area residents with the caller ID of “Col Regl Health.” 
  • The following link provides an online version:


This Health Status Survey has been conducted every three years since 1996. It is a systematic, data-driven approach to determining the health status, behaviors and needs of residents in the service area of Columbus Regional Health. The information gathered will be used to inform decisions and guide efforts by CRH and CRH’s Healthy Communities Initiative to improve community health and wellness, ensure adequate and equitable access to health services, and surface health disparities especially around families with children.


Please note, through this survey, participants will NOT be asked to provide any personal identifying information. This is an anonymous survey.


For more information visit:


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