Case Study Summary

Breast Recommendation for Biopsy to Initial Treatment

In the treatment of breast cancer, studies show that it is essential for best outcomes that the patient see all of the recommended specialists on the journey through treatment in a timely manner. This requires a detailed process for timely referrals and appointments. Studies show that once a person has a mammogram that shows the need for a biopsy, the patient will have a superior outcome if they receive initial treatment within 42 days.

When a person has a mammogram and the physician says they need a biopsy, the clock starts ticking. Will the person see all the required specialists? Will the initial treatment begin within 42 days? The Breast Health Center and Cancer Center wanted to be sure that the pathway to the needed treatment was smooth and timely.

Our study reviewed the following process points:

  • Mammogram with recommendation for biopsy
  • Initial biopsy
  • Surgical consultation
  • Initial treatment

We studied this pathway and found that at CRH, we consistently provide initial treatment within 42 days.

The office of Southern Indiana Surgery has streamlined the evaluation process prior to IV port placement for chemotherapy. In most cases the SIS Nurse Practitioner can see the patient within 2-3 days of the call for appointment, and ports can typically be placed within a week.

To ensure that our patients receive the timely care that is associated with the best outcomes, our team is reviewing options for same day breast biopsies. This would further decrease the time between the recommendation of the biopsy and the actual biopsy; in some cases on the same day. The Cancer Center, the Breast Health Center, the surgeons groups, the radiologist groups, and quality management are proud to provide cancer care in time for the very best results.