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We know that being able to drive is an important factor in a person’s ability to live life independently. Our Driving Rehabilitation Program has been helping South Central Indiana drivers continue safely driving for more than 30 years. 

Our Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist is specially trained in assessing driver safety and helping you gain the skills to return to safe and independent driving if possible. 

What is Driving Rehabilitation?

Driving Rehabilitation addresses specific impairments or areas of concern with a person’s ability to safely and effectively drive a vehicle. 

The Driving Rehabilitation Program at Columbus Regional Health is designed to meet the needs of individuals whose ability to drive has been challenged by: 

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Visual impairment
  • Aging
  • Congenital conditions

What does the program include?

To participate, all individuals must have a physician’s referral. Driving Rehabilitation begins with a three-hour evaluation at our NexusPark Driving Rehabilitation Office. 

If the individual has the potential to learn or re-learn how to drive, a training program is suggested based on individual circumstances. Because it is important to learn or re-learn how to drive in the environment that an individual will encounter, training sessions begin at the individual’s home in a CRH-owned vehicle. 

Our specialist will also assess your personal vehicle and will recommend any necessary adaptive equipment that will help ensure safety and independence. (Adaptive equipment includes hand controls, steering devices, extra mirrors, left foot accelerators, etc.)

After evaluation and training, our Driving Rehabilitation Specialist will send a report to the referring physician, vocational rehabilitation and/or the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 

***The physician and BMV make the final decision as to whether an individual can begin or remain driving.

What is involved in the evaluation?

Every participant must participate in a three-hour evaluation conducted by our Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist at our Nexus Park location. 

The evaluation includes: 

  • A clinical evaluation: Individuals are tested on vision, coordination, cognition, common knowledge of the rules of the road, and brake reaction. Medical history and driving history are also discussed and recorded.
  • A driving evaluation: Individuals complete a behind-the-wheel evaluation in a CRH-owned vehicle. Independently getting in and out of the car and storing mobility aids is part of the driving evaluation. 

Does insurance cover Driving Rehabilitation? 

The service is covered through private pay or Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Columbus Regional Hospital also offers payment plans and sometimes financial assistance if the individual qualifies.

Our Team

Kathy Kachanoski is a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist. Kathy graduated from Southeast Missouri State University and has been with Columbus Regional Health since 1992.