Apr 10, 2017

Columbus Regional Health Foundation releases 2016 Impact Report

2016 Impact Report cover

The Columbus Regional Hospital Foundation, an entity which oversees charitable giving within the Columbus Regional Health workforce and within community health programs, began as vision of former administrator Miss Olive Murphy, Dr. David Adler, philanthropist Clementine Miller Tangeman and hospital board member J.P. Hilger in the early 1950s.

The Foundation’s first philanthropic gesture was to help fund an educational need for a medical student. Shortly after its official incorporation, the foundation expanded funding focuses to address hospital programming and services. Beyond the walls of the hospital and health campus, in the mid-90s, Columbus Regional Health Foundation sponsored the grass-roots formation of a comprehensive public health organization, today known as Healthy Communities. The Foundation works closely with this Healthy Communities to measure community health needs and determine funding and support for community health programming and initiatives.

In 2016, the Columbus Regional Health Foundation awarded more than $480,000 funds to support education, training, technology and equipment for innovative, forward-focused patient care throughout Columbus Regional Health. The Foundation also awarded nearly $71,000 for funding and support of community health needs, and helped procure more than $175,500 in grants for local and regional projects related to community health. Last year, CRHF awarded just under $285,000 to various initiatives within Healthy Communities.

More than 35 years ago a community initiative resulted in Volunteers in Medicine, which provided medical assistance to the uninsured and under-insured. Last year saw the successful transition of Volunteers in Medicine to VIMCare, the new generation of care and care coordination for the un- and under-insured and now, those with access to HIP 2.0. Over the course of 2016, CRHF provided more than $465,300 in funding toward the mission of Volunteers in Medicine and now VIMCare Clinic.

From assets of just around $6,000 when it incorporated in 1951, to more than $10 million in assets today, Columbus Regional Health Foundation continues its strong commitment to improving the quality of life for this community and for the programs and employees of Columbus Regional Health.

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