The Innovation Center at Columbus Regional Hospital

Intentional Innovation

We believe that for innovation to be intentional, we need to grow our innovation expertise in five fundamental areas or success factors. We call it our Intentional Innovation Framework: People, Places, Projects, Processes and Partners.


means empowering our workforce to share innovative ideas and knowing how to innovate to accomplish key goals and objectives.


is about creating the right kind of spaces and providing the right technology that enable teams to do their best work. Innovative places should inspire people and encourage them to be creative and think outside their daily box.


is about focusing resources on the highest priority, most strategic work and actively managing that work in an efficient, systematic manner.


is our toolkit category. We use a range of teachable, understandable innovation processes and tools for a systematic approach to innovation. We measure short and long-term results of our innovation processes with meaningful metrics.


is our secret sauce factor. Our partners include catalysts like Cummins and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services who help drive our innovation project priorities, pace-setters like IDEO and IUCA+D who inspire and teach us how to innovate effectively, and funders like Columbus Regional Health Foundation that help us bridge the financial gap that innovation straddles.

We are proud of the progress in establishing innovation as an intentional process and firm foundation for the future of healthcare in our region.

Intentional Innovation chart