Guide to Patient Satisfaction Ratings

About the Surveys

Columbus Regional Health uses Professional Research Consultants (PRC) to send patient satisfaction surveys to a random sampling of patients who have visited physician practices in our health system. The surveys ask questions regarding a patient's entire visit with the office, including access, communication, office staff, and test results. Responses are used to evaluate patients' overall perception of care and to identify areas for improvement.

Who receives the survey?

Patients treated by Columbus Regional Health Physicians (CRHP) — which includes doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners — are randomly invited to complete surveys. Surveys are offered by telephone or email and give patients and families an opportunity to provide feedback.

How is the star rating calculated?

Columbus Regional Health shares ratings on the following 11 questions, which are scored with a response of Excellent (★★★★★), Very Good (★★★★), Good (★★★), Fair (★★) or Poor ():

How would you rate:

  1. Your provider on explaining your medical condition and treatment?
  2. Your provider on giving clear instructions about what you should do following the appointment?
  3. Your provider on involving you in decisions about your care?
  4. Your provider on spending enough time with you?
  5. Your provider on the understanding and caring shown to you?
  6. Your provider on your impression of his or her medical skills?
  7. Your provider on the thoroughness of the examination and treatment?
  8. Your provider on his or her listening skills?
  9. Your provider on his or her courtesy and friendliness?
  10. Your likelihood of recommending your provider to friends and relatives?
  11. Your overall impression of your provider?

For each provider, ratings from their patients are averaged together to form a single star rating.

In order to recognize what was done well at the visit, as well as gain an understanding about what could be improved, we ask two questions at the end of the survey:

  1. Was there anything you feel was outstanding?
  2. What could have been done to improve your visit?

Are all comments posted?

We are committed to posting positive and negative feedback anonymously from our patients. However, we do not include comments that are libelous, profane, irrelevant or those that risk the privacy of our patients. 

Are patients informed that their comments may be posted?

Although all comments are posted in an anonymous manner, all patients surveyed by Professional Research Consultants are asked for their permission to use comments on the Columbus Regional Health website about what was done well or is in need of improvement.

Can anybody post a comment about a physician?

No. Only patients who have had a visit with Columbus Regional Health are eligible to receive a survey and submit comments. Columbus Regional Health is committed to authentic patient reviews.

Why don’t I see patient ratings and comments for every provider?

The more ratings a provider receives, the more accurate and reliable the results will be. A provider’s rating will only be posted on the site providing they have a minimum of 30 completed surveys.

At the present time, ratings are only provided for Columbus Regional Health Physicians providers surveyed by Professional Research Consultants.

A Word From

Sonderman, Tom_2006_highres

“Publishing consumer-driven reviews of our providers is an exciting new venture for Columbus Regional Health Physicians. Transparency and being able to help our patients make the best decision possible when it comes to their healthcare needs is very important, and these ratings are a huge piece of that work. We hope current and potential patients find them valuable.”

Tom Sonderman, MD
Chief Medical Officer

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