CRH enhances spine surgery with surgical navigation system

Columbus Regional Health is pleased to announce the acquisition of the newest navigational technology for use in spine surgery, the StealthStation S8 and the O-arm system.  This technology serves as an intra-operative spinal navigation system offering advanced visualization capabilities in the operating room to assist the surgeon with clear visualization of the patient’s specific anatomy and achieve the surgical goal with less invasive techniques.  

This system offers the most advanced version of “Stealth Technology” – an integrated system of medical grade hardware, software and surgical instruments for spine procedures. In combination with the O-arm, this allows the surgeon to utilize 3-D visualization of a patient’s specific anatomy in real-time during surgery to use instruments with an accuracy within fractions of a millimeter.

“This is an exciting acquisition of technology for the surgical care of our patients at Columbus Regional Health. Our ability to use Stealth Navigation in the operating room further enhances our surgical patient care by allowing the utilization of minimally invasive techniques when appropriate and further improving patient care. The marriage of the surgeon’s intuition and expertise, combined with this state-of -the art equipment and utmost accuracy, provides the safest environment and best possible outcomes for our patients,” says Dr. John Chambers a surgeon specializing in spinal surgery of children and adults. 

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    VIDEO: National Women Physicians Day

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    National Women Physicians Day, Feb. 3, marks the birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States in 1849. It is an opportunity to recognize and honor the accomplishments of female physicians everywhere, and especially within Columbus Regional Health. CRH is particularly excited to recognize this day, as we also celebrate our first all-female medical staff leadership (Secretary, Chief-of-Staff-Elect, Chief-of-Staff, and Past Chief-of-Staff).
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