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2326 18th St, Ste 230
Columbus, IN 47201

Columbus ENT & Allergy has suspended operations effective, December 1, 2017.

It is the goal of Columbus Regional Health to reopen the practice as soon as new providers can be brought into the community, and we have launched a national search to help identify providers. Until the practice reopens, it is important that you make arrangements as soon as possible to select a new physician to make sure you receive any medical care in the interim. There are three local ENT providers, or you may wish to choose a physician out of our local area.

When Columbus Regional Health secures new physicians for Columbus ENT & Allergy, we will announce the practice’s re-opening to the community.

Once you have chosen a new physician, you will need to download and complete the authorization form below so your medical records can be released to your new physician. Unfortunately, your medical records cannot be released without a written authorization from you. On the bottom of the authorization form, you will find a schedule of fees to be charged for transferring your records. Please don’t be concerned about these charges, as Columbus Regional Health has waived any charging for release of your medical records.

Thank you for having chosen Columbus Regional Health for your ENT physicians. We wish you continued health and wellness.