PromptMed Office Policies

Whether you want to pay a bill or need help affording your bill, we're here to help with that and more.

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Columbus Regional Health accepts plans from a variety of health insurance and managed care providers. Follow the link below to learn more.

In-Network Health Plans

Your medical records are strictly confidential. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) restricts us from releasing any information without your written permission.

There may be times when you request that we provide copies of our records to you or other entities. You will be billed for this service.

You will receive prompt notification of any results that require immediate attention, otherwise please allow 7-10 days for test completion. Our staff will call you with the results and the physician's instructions.

If at any time you have additional questions, feel free to visit our center. If you do not receive notification of your results in the above time frame, please call the office to inquire about them.

Our urgent care providers may, in certain circumstances, renew prescriptions for persons who are unable to see their primary care provider.

We usually defer other prescription renewals to the patient's primary care provider. We are glad to help connect patients with a primary care provider if they do not have one.