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Healthcare Solutions For Your Workplace

Studies have shown that nearly 50% of an organization’s profits are consumed by employee healthcare costs. The cost of healthcare continues to rise and it’s becoming more and more challenging to keep employees healthy and productive.

Columbus Regional Health works with you to make a positive impact on the health of your employees while helping you take control of escalating healthcare costs.

Our Occupational Approach to Population Health

We offer a convenient way for your employees to take charge of their own health and well-being. To begin, we start by learning and understanding the current health status of your workforce. Then, we work with you to implement a customized health solution tailored to the specific health risks of your workforce. This custom approach enables us to make an impact on the healthcare concerns that are driving your costs.

Columbus Regional Health partners with your
organization to positively impact:


Recruitment And Retention Of Talent


Employee Health


Rising Cost Of Healthcare


Occupational Health

Health Risk Assessments, biometric screenings, pre-employment screenings, drug and alcohol testing, pulmonary testing and more.

Occupational Rehab

Occupational therapy, physical therapy, work conditioning, and more.

Urgent Care

On-the-job injury care and medical surveillance.

Lifestyle Modification

Education and resources to help employees take charge of their own health.


Drug tests and pre-employment screenings.