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Radiation Therapy

State-of-the-art High Energy Linear Accelerators are used to deliver intensity-modulated radiation therapy. We were the first cancer center in Southern Indiana to offer this innovative therapy to treat patients needing radiation for cancer treatment.

Designed to deliver the lowest dose possible to the surrounding healthy tissue, the equipment sends the maximum dose to the tumor. This allows for effective cancer treatment that lets the patient remain close to home, especially in the treatment of challenging cases, such as cancers of the lung, breast, abdomen, and head and neck, as well as other cancers that are treatable with radiotherapy.

Our Radiation Department is staffed by three Board Certified Radiation Oncologists and two Radiation Physicists. They are supported by the rest of the team available to help navigate patients and their families through the treatment program.

In addition to teletherapy treatment with a Linear Accelerator, CRH began utilizing a new Digital Brachytherapy system for the treatment of skin, breast, prostate, advanced lung and gynecologic malignancies. This new technology significantly expands the radiation cancer treatment options available to our patients and the ability to get cutting edge care closer to home.

Learn more about Brachytherapy at CRH

In this video, Cancer Center oncologist Kevin McMullen, MD, discusses the advanced cancer treatment options available at Columbus Regional Health and the importance these tools play in survivorship. "From the time the patient first walks in the door, we need to be thinking about that patient as a cancer survivor," he said, "and we need to be thinking about the footprint of the therapy we leave behind."

Medical Oncology

Our Medical Oncology department is staffed by two board certified Medical/Hematology Oncologists. They are complemented by a team of support staff who help navigate the patient and their family through the phases of their treatment and follow-up care.

Rehabilitation Program

Your Individualized Plan — Our team is highly trained and ready to help all cancer survivors heal optimally, both physically and emotionally, whether they are cured, in remission or living with cancer as a chronic condition.

Your cancer rehabilitation plan will depend on your individualized goals that focus on increasing strength and energy, managing pain and improving your functioning and well-being.

Cancer rehabilitation can improve your quality of life - whether you are going through treatment now, finished recently or long ago. Cancer rehabilitation is just one more way we are working to provide you with the highest quality care when you need it; before, during and after cancer treatment.

Insurance Coverage — Most cancer rehabilitation services are reimbursed by health insurance providers, including Medicare. We will work with your insurance provider to determine your benefits and coordinate any pre-certification needs.

Social Work

Our oncology social worker assesses a patient's needs in order to provide an individualized cancer care program that addresses the physical and emotional needs of the patient and family.

Clinical Nutrition Services

Our registered dietitian provides a nutrition assessment, consults and provides patient education.

Screening and Education

In our quest to put an end to cancer, we offer free community screenings, education and reduced fee mammograms for those who qualify.

State-of-the-art treatment

The Cancer Center offers patients state-of-the-art cancer treatment in the form of the Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator, an innovative image-guided radiotherapy machine that offers advanced stereotactic body radiation treatment. Only one of three in use in Indiana hospitals, the TrueBeam employs 3-D imaging to precisely aim radiation beams from multiple angles and at varying intensities to attack its target.

Our Oncologists

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