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Fighting Cancer, One Day at a Time

Cancer survivors share their courageous stories of battling the disease with support from family, friends and Columbus Regional Health staff. Go behind the scenes during treatment and learn about what keeps these cancer patients strong in the face of adversity.

  • Brad Davis, Colon Cancer Survivor

    by Andrew Laker | Dec 21, 2018

    Brad Davis wanted to prove to everyone that getting a colonoscopy is no big deal ... so he invited a film crew to his follow-up screening.

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  • Alicia Mitchell, Melanoma Survivor

    by Andrew Laker | Aug 01, 2017

    Alicia Mitchell has hills to climb. Some are figurative – given her battle with melanoma – and others are literal. The hills that really matter to the young wife, mom and registered nurse are covered in dirt and rock.

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  • Sue Wallace, Breast Cancer Survivor

    by Andrew Laker | Aug 01, 2017

    Outfitted in full cycling garb, beaming against the backdrop of the pastoral countryside of the Midwest, Sue Wallace doesn’t look like a stereotypical cancer patient. Her wide, bright smile doesn’t reveal the pain and heartache Sue has experienced. That’s because Sue can’t help but project who she really is, despite her disease – a strong woman who sees herself as a survivor every day she continues her fight.

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Our Oncologists

Radiation oncologist Mark Henderson, MD  Mark Henderson, MD
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Cancer Center doctor Kevin McMullen MD  Kevin McMullen, MD
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Cancer Treatment: The Footprint of Therapy

Cancer Center oncologist Kevin McMullen, MD, discusses the advanced cancer treatment options available at Columbus Regional Health and the importance these tools play in survivorship. "From the time the patient first walks in the door, we need to be thinking about that patient as a cancer survivor," he said, "and we need to be thinking about the footprint of the therapy we leave behind."

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