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Sandy’s Hospice Journey – Best of Both Worlds

Hear Sandy’s story with her mother who is traveling toward the end of her journey and how Our Hospice is helping to keep her safe at home.

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Find The Care You Need

Finding the care needed when facing a serious illness should be easy.

The right care at the right time by a team that responds quickly and cares deeply.

You deserve a team that manages symptoms for the patient and provides the entire family with confidence and comfort.

Let us guide you to the level of care you or your loved one needs.

As you think about the following hospice patient components, connecting with us may be that next step.

  • Is there a serious illness?
  • Have there been changes in ADL’s (Activities of daily living)?
  • Has it been shared with you that life expectancy could be six months or less?
  • Are treatments no longer desired or not an option?

Seeking Care


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Who Is Involved In the Care?

Hospice care is an often-misunderstood service.

Hospice care is really about living your final chapters with a focus on comfort and wellbeing and making every moment count.

When you are ready to choose hospice, we’re here for you.

Hospice care is provided in a home, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and our dedicated hospice facility.

No matter where hospice care is provided, the hospice care team is dedicated to the comprehensive care of our patients and their families.

The care team makes regular visit to your home or other setting. Our Hospice staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Who is Involved in Care?

The hospice care team includes:




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How We Help. Find The Care You Need.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Hospice Care

Our purpose is to provide high quality, compassionate care to individuals with an advanced illness. We provide comfort care focusing on the relief of pain and symptoms related to a disease progression or simply aging. Our Hospice addresses the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of individuals and promotes the highest degree of comfort, wellbeing and dignity. Learn More

Woman consoling another on a park bench.

Bereavement Care 

Our Hospice specializes in providing professional support and education focusing on the grieving and bereavement process.  Bereavement is a normal response in recovering from the loss of a loved one but can also be experienced throughout life. We understand that everyone has their own journey in coping with the loss of a loved one but you don’t have to go through this alone; we are here to help.  

Our Bereavement Care offers specialized support for adults, children and families. This support can also help to establish a connection with others who have experienced the similar loss of a love one.  Our specialized care is facilitated and supported by licensed bereavement and social worker staff.  This support is available at no charge and offered to anyone in need, even those who have not used Our Hospice services.  As well, grief counseling is provided to the families who have use Our Hospice care for up to 13 months after the passing of their loved one. To find out more about the programs offered.  Learn More

Watch this short video explaining Palliative Care and when it is appropriate.

Palliative Care 

Palliative care is a medical specialty that focuses on relieving pain, symptoms and the stress of serious illness. It’s available at any age, at any stage, and it often takes place over an extended period of time.

Palliative care begins at the time of diagnosis and can be provided for patients with serious illness with or without curative treatment. In fact, palliative care teams are valuable resources in helping families make these difficult decisions regarding treatments and care. Learn More

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Veteran Care

Our focus is to improve end-of-life care for Veterans.  Our relationship with VA facilities and other Veteran organizations help us to provide the best care for Veterans living in the communities we serve.  We have the tools and resources to meet the challenges veterans can face when hospice care is needed.  

Our Hospice is honored to serve Veterans and we are privileged that we have a special Pinning Service to honor the Veterans on our service.  As well, Veterans are invited to participate in our Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer program. Volunteers are an important part of the WHV program. Interacting with Veteran patients, the sharing of life experience, assisting with VA benefits, and attending Veteran Honor Ceremonies, are a few of the many areas a Veteran volunteer can assist a hospice Veteran patient.   

Family sitting on bench with child.

Pediatric Care 

A child’s illness is heartbreaking at any level.  Their hearts have a way of filling us with inspiration from their bravery, determination and compassion for others.  A child’s heart spread love with each and every smile they share and sow hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

Our goal is to Make Every Moment Count and improve the quality and life expectancy for children with a serious illness.  Our Hospice is one of the very few in the state of Indiana that is skilled and ready to care for pediatric patients.  Depending on the health care plan, a child may be eligible for concurrent care, allowing a child 20 years of age and younger to have hospice and curative treatments at the same time.

Schnauzer dog.

Extra Care (Music and Pet Therapy)

As a Music & Memory ® Certified Care Organization, we are proud to offer the powerful benefits of personalized music as part of our continuing effort to provide the highest quality care.  

Grounded in extensive research, Music & Memory helps people living with a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges, find renewed joy in life through musical favorites. Our team is trained to develop personalized playlists, delivered through iPods, a key element in the patient’s plan of care.

Our Hospice of South Central Indiana also has the wonderful support of canine friends for Pet Therapy.  Through a guided interaction between a trained pet and its owner, Pet Therapy can help our patients and families cope with situations by providing a calming effect.  This can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve overall psychological state.