Lung Nodule Review Board

A Multi-Disciplinary Team on Your Side

More people in the United States die from lung cancer more than any other type of cancer each year. It is the leading cause of cancer death regardless of gender; however the staggering statistics around lung cancer are due in part to its typical advanced-stage discoveries in most patients.

Columbus Regional Health knows screening and early detection efforts are key in the fight against lung cancer and can help increase favorable outcomes for our patients.

Columbus Regional Health’s Lung Cancer Screening program is designed to give our patients a fighting chance. In association with the lung cancer screening program, we developed a Lung Nodule Review Board (LNRB) which is a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, care givers and a dedicated lung navigator.

The team of physicians consists of Radiologists, Radiation Oncologists, a Pulmonologist, and Cardiovascular Surgeons.

The LNRB meets weekly to review lung nodules, also known as spots or coin lesions, that have met severity criteria outlined by the American College of Radiology. The team reviews each case and works collectively to determine the patient's best plan of care.

A Lung Navigator works with the patient and physician offices to expedite appointments, allowing further testing, treatment or intervention to begin immediately.

Navigators also follow up with patients who may not require immediate care but need additional exams at three, six or twelve months from their initial screening.

Since the launch of this program, hundreds of patients have now been reviewed by the LNRB. The program is just one way Columbus Regional Health is working to fulfill our mission to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve.

Lung Nodule Review Board Results infographic. (Click image to enlarge)

Watch: Columbus Regional Health's Lung Nodule Review Board identified cancerous spots in Michael Thayer's CT scan. He underwent a procedure to remove a portion of his right lung.

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Lung Screening

Give the gift of health and peace of mind to yourself or a loved one so your family has many more years of special memories. Fast and painless, a low dose CT lung cancer screening can help detect potential signs of lung cancer earlier when it is easier to treat.

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