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You have many choices with hearing aids, and we are here to help.

When you meet with one of our audiologists we will discuss your individual wants and needs to find the style and level of technology that best matches your hearing requirements and lifestyle.

  • STYLE: Styles vary depending on your level of hearing loss, activity level, dexterity and personal taste.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Audiologists will discuss where you want to hear better as well as learn your lifestyle needs to find a hearing aid that best matches your goals.
  • FEATURES: Blue tooth connectivity directly to cell phones, connection to TV and land line phones, and rechargeable batteries can all be options based on individual needs and wants.
Various hearing aid styles


We are able to assess hearing aids in-office and determine if the problem is something that can we can fix for a minimal charge if the hearing aid is out of warranty or if the problem is greater and needs to be sent to the manufacturer for a more detailed repair. This will cost more but the hearing aid does come back with a one year repair warranty that will cover any future problems.

(Relay Indiana callers please dial 711 and provide the number above)

    • Swim plugs can keep the water out of your ears

    Protect Your Ears from Loud Sounds and Water

    by Andrew Laker | Jul 18, 2017
    Exposure to loud sounds whether from music, machinery, power tools, or guns can cause permanent hearing loss and in most cases is preventable. For those with ear tubes or ears that are sensitive to water, swim plugs will keep the water out.
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