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Catalyst Tool Kit

What’s a Catalyst?

At Columbus Regional Health, a Catalyst is someone who has been formally trained by CRH Instructors to use Design Thinking Tools on innovation projects and in their daily work.

Catalysts are trained on Innovation concepts, processes and the application of human centered design, also called Design Thinking.

Why did we develop this toolkit?

Columbus Regional Health has been learning about and using Design Thinking since our first engagement with IDEO in 2011.

Ultimately, we developed our own customized Design Thinking curriculum that could be taught by CRH practitioners to others.

Illustration of woman holding a gear.While the CRH curriculum is grounded in best practice, tools and techniques developed by IDEO, Gravity Tank, Stanford D School, and other academic and real world practitioners, our Catalysts asked for a single source toolkit that they could easily use and reference when they were out of the classroom and back in the workplace.

Thanks to a grant from the Columbus Regional Health Foundation, we were able to put together our own CRH Innovation Catalyst Toolkit with input from our Catalysts.

This toolkit is a foundation for you to build on.

When we started our journey with Design Thinking in 2011 there were not many resources on line or elsewhere on Design Thinking.

Now you’ll find hundreds of resources out there. Our Innovation Catalyst Toolkit is not meant to be an exhaustive selection of Design

Thinking tools and practice. And, as you advance in your practice, you’ll likely turn to outside sources for inspiration and instruction.

Our Innovation Catalyst Toolkit presents CRH’s “tried and true” tools and our core innovation and Design Thinking processes and concepts.

These are what we teach in our Catalyst classes and what Catalysts will be most comfortable with after finishing our classes.

We hope you’ll find this Toolkit useful as you apply Design Thinking to your own workplace problems and opportunities.

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