Columbus Regional Health Logo

The name "Columbus Regional Health" was introduced in November 2011 as the health system structure name for Columbus Regional Hospital and related affiliated practices. Columbus Regional Health was introduced to better describe the health system of physician offices, hospital, outpatient centers, and others.

The brand graphics standards must be followed as noted. The relationships between the Sun Symbol and the Columbus Regional Health name are fixed and must be reproduced in their entirety, without alterations to their relative size or positions, from the logo files.

Single Color Use

When the logo is reproduced in a single color, both the Sun Symbol and the Columbus Regional Health are the same color, either black or reversed white.


Two Color Use

When reproduced in two-colors, the Sun Symbol may be reproduced in Columbus Regional green (PMS 3298 C). In two-color use, the Columbus Regional Health name is always black.


Color Specifications

Using Pantone Matching System:

  • Green PMS 3298 C
  • Black PMS Black C

Using process color model:

  • Green: 100% Cyan, 50% Yellow
  • Black: 100% Process Black

Logo Use Protected Area

The “protected area” is a clear margin surrounding the Sun Symbol and Columbus Regional Health name. It provides a graphic buffer to separate the Logo from any other graphic elements. The protected area is measured as the height of the Sun Symbol itself. Nothing is allowed to violate this wide protection area surrounding either the Sun Symbol or the Columbus Regional Health name. This should be treated as the minimum buffer area separating the Logo from any other graphics or type. A wider margin of separation is encouraged wherever possible.


The typeface used in the Columbus Regional Health name in combination with the Sun Symbol to create the Logo is Kavel ITC Medium.


For other questions related to logo use, contact the Planning & Marketing Department at Columbus Regional Hospital for assistance.