Stroke Symptoms in Women

While you may have had normal blood pressure most of your life, a woman's chance of developing high blood pressure increase considerably after menopause. 

Stroke Symptoms in Women
Men and women who have strokes often feel similar symptoms, but some signs of stroke in women can be subtle enough to be missed or brushed off. That can lead to delays in getting time-sensitive, lifesaving treatments.

Stroke Symptoms in Men and Women

  • Numbness or weakness in face, arm or leg
  • Trouble speaking or understanding speech
  • Vision problems
  • Trouble walking or a lack of coordination
  • Severe headache without a known cause

Additional Stroke Symptoms in Women

  • General weakness
  • Disorientation and confusion or memory problems
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea or vomiting

High blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke and the most significant controllable risk factor for stroke. Seeing your doctor regularly to have your blood pressure monitored is an important step in stroke prevention for women or men.

BE FAST (Learn the Warning Signs and Act Fast)BE FAST_Stroke Awareness_May2021_blog

Balance: Loss of balance, headache or dizziness
Eyes: Blurred vision
Face: One side of the face is drooping
Arms: Arm or leg weakness
Speech: Speech difficulty
Time: Time to call for an ambulance immediately

Don't Wait, Call 911

Source: American Heart Association

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