Jan 12, 2023

Forty-Five-Year Service Award Stories: Jeanine Hulse and Molly Scheidt

jeanine hulse croppedJeanine Hulse
Jeanine Hulse has seen a lot of changes at Columbus Regional Health since first starting at the organization in the late 1970s. As an executive assistant, she saw the transition from typewriters to word processors and later computers. Voicemail and email also “came into vogue,” she said, during her time in Administration.

Jeanine is currently a flex employee supporting Columbus Regional Health Foundation. She works on special projects and provides back-up support to Julie Abedian and the CRH Foundation Board when Executive Assistant Jane Tompkins is out of the office. Because she had previously served as the Executive Assistant to the CEO earlier in her career, she thought that a similar role at the Foundation would be a good fit. “I find the interaction with leadership, the CRHF Board, as well as community leaders to be interesting and stimulating,” she said.

Jeanine began her career working second shift in Emergency Department registration. At that time, her hourly rate was $3/hour, with a $.10 differential for working second shift. In 1980, she moved to Administration and worked for the next 40 years supporting various members of the Executive Team.

Weather-permitting, Jeanine enjoys being outside – walking, gardening, or just relaxing on her deck with her favorite beverage.

Molly Scheidt_rszMolly Scheidt
As an MRI technologist, Molly Scheidt likes being part of a process that can help with a patient’s diagnosis. She also enjoys interacting with patients and working with her colleagues. “A big part of staying put at CRH is due to the awesome co-workers I have been blessed to work with,” she said.

Molly joined CRH in 1977 as an X-ray technician and then transitioned to a CT position for 15 years, until the hospital purchased an MRI scanner. She moved into the MRI technologist role where she has remained for 29 years. Both CT and MRI are smaller departments, so she has worked very closely with the same people for many years. “I actually worked with the same co-worker for 40 years,” she said. "I think if you like your job and the people you work with, it’s easy to come to work. I have also worked under three amazing CEOs, along with great directors and managers." In her 45-year career, Molly has never called in sick to work.

Similar to other workforce members who worked at CRH during that time, Molly has positive memories of what occurred after the 2008 flood. “Even though it was a devastating time, I saw the hospital and the employees at their best. Everyone worked together no matter what their job description was,” Molly said. Because the inside of the hospital remained closed for several months, she worked in a mobile MRI unit in the hospital parking lot, which she enjoyed, along with having lunch outside under a tent. “It was probably the most relaxing and easiest time of my career,” she said.

Outside of work, Molly enjoys spending time with her family, including six grandkids and four siblings, whom she gets together with on a regular basis. She and her husband like to dine out and especially try new places. She relaxes by watching Hallmark movies, reading, and sewing.

Overall, it's been pretty easy for Molly to remain at CRH for more than four decades. "I have been truly blessed to have been part of a great organization with amazing people," she said.

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