Feb 8, 2023

Female Physician Spotlight: Pediatric Hospitalist Rachel Kerschner, MD

In recognition of National Women Physicians Day, we will be spotlighting some of our fantastic female physicians this month.

Kerschner, Rachel 2015_rszRachel Kerschner, MD, Rachel Reed, MD, and Lindsay Anderson, MD, recently made history at CRH when they became our first all-female Chiefs-of-Staff team: Dr. Kerschner is past Chief of Staff, Dr. Reed is Chief of Staff, and Dr. Anderson is Chief of Staff-Elect.

Dr. Kerschner also served as our second-ever female chief of staff. "Being the second-ever female chief of staff was notable, and I am honored to be part of the first-ever all-female chief group," she said.

A native of Plainfield, Indiana, Dr. Kerschner moved to Columbus when she joined CRH
in 2013. She has been a physician for 13 years, but her dream of being a pediatrician began as a child. "I grew up as a kid wanting to be a pediatrician and through the years never wavered from that - it was definitely a calling," she shared. Dr. Kerschner chose CRH because she was struck by how many providers came to Columbus and never left. "They spent their whole career here and voiced that it was a great place to raise a family," she said. 

Dr. Kerschner enjoys working with a care team who gets to help kids and babies. As a mother of four, she knows firsthand how scary it can be to have a child or baby who is ill. "To help alleviate that illness and worry is a joy," said Dr. Kerschner. Some of her most challenging, yet rewarding work has been her involvement on the impact mortality prevention - IMPACT - team, which brings together more than 40 community and healthcare partners who have a passion for maternal and child health to work towards making Bartholomew County the best place for women and infants. 

Outside of work, Dr. Kerschner spends time with her family, often on outdoor adventures. 

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