May 18, 2023

Why I Give to the Foundation: Adam Spartz

Adam Spartz and family
Pictured above: Adam, Chelsea, and their three kids in the Cubs dugout at Wrigley Field.
Adam Spartz has worked at Columbus Regional Health for 25 years. Over that time, he has learned a lot about the organization by working in a variety of roles, including Food Services Aide, Cardiac Monitor Tech, Respiratory Therapist, Senior Lean Sigma Black Belt, Director of Business Operations for Nursing Services, and his current role - Director of Inpatient Operations and the Command Center.

During the years he spent working at the bedside, he also got to know many patients and families, and he would often hear them talk about life circumstances. That would cause him to think about how fortunate he was and also wonder how he could give back. "One of the ways I do this is by donating to the CRH Foundation," he said. 

Adam and his wife, Chelsea, who is a nurse practitioner in the Cancer Center, have donated to a variety of departments over the years, often supporting those departments where they have worked. Additionally, all three of their kids were born at CRH - another reason they support giving back to the health system. "For our family there is no shortage of areas or initiatives to support, which is such a great thing about our Foundation," Adam said. They currently split their donations between Pulmonary Services and Oncology Services. Adam is appreciative of the many options to choose from, and he's also appreciative of the Foundation staff. "Not only does the CRH Foundation have a wide ranging list of funds to support, but the staff are also wonderful to work with," he said. 

Originally from northern Illinois, Adam is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan. He's raising his kids to be Cubs fans, too, like only a good dad should. 

Learn more about the Columbus Regional Health Foundation.

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