Jan 16, 2024

Columbus Pediatrics receives national recognition for adolescent care excellence

Columbus Regional Health is pleased to announce Gold-Level Certification for an adolescent-centered environment at its Columbus Pediatrics practice.  Columbus Pediatrics recently completed the Adolescent-Centered Environment Assessment Process (ACE-AP), which a recognition is based on the Adolescent Champion Model developed and facilitated by the Adolescent Health Initiative at the University of Michigan.

The ACE-AP is a comprehensive self-assessment and guided improvement process over an 18-month time period that is designed to minimize barriers and improve care delivery to adolescents. The ACE-AP spans 12 key areas of adolescent-centered care: Respectful Treatment, Reproductive and Sexual Health Clinical Practices, Parent Engagement, Nutritional Health Clinical Practices, Cultural Responsiveness, Confidentiality, Community Engagement and Outreach, Best Practices and Standards of Care, Behavioral Health Clinical Practices, Adolescent Involvement and Empowerment, Adolescent Appropriate Environment, and Access to Care. 

With support from the Adolescent Health Initiative, Columbus Pediatrics performed this self-assessment while receiving customized resources and consultation. The practice ended the assessment meeting all 12 key care areas and received Gold Certification. 

For more information visit Columbus Pediatrics.

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