Apr 26, 2024

Guardian Response Trains with CRH on Patient Transport

News Release
Release: 2024-001
April 24, 2024
78th Training Division Public Affairs


MUSCATATUCK URBAN TRAINING CENTER, Ind.— On April 29, 2024, and May 1-2,

2024, units at Guardian Response (GR 24) will transport simulated patients or
mannequins, by HH-60M Black Hawk helicopters and field litter ambulance (FLA) trucks

to two community medical centers.

This segment of the exercise evaluates units’ ability to treat, triage, and transport
patients from a simulated disaster area at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Ind., to a
higher level of care at a civilian medical center. Also, civilian emergency medical
personnel will learn how to move patients from a military aircraft and ambulance into the

medical center.

The training is scheduled at:
Columbus Regional Health, at 9 a.m.- 11 a.m. on April 29, 2024, and May 2, 2024.
The address is 2400 17th St., Columbus, IN 47201.

People working or passing by the medical centers can expect to see military vehicles and personnel.

This is a planned training event.


Guardian Response is a defense to support civil authorities’ exercise. It’s to validate that
the U.S. Army is trained and ready to respond to a chemical, biological, radiological, or
nuclear incident.
The exercise is coordinated by U.S. Army Reserve 78th Training Division, which brings
together soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines from the Active, Guard and Reserve
components as well as Department of Defense civil service employees and contractors.
For more information about GR 24, please contact the 78th Training Division Public
Affairs Office at [email protected].

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