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Columbus Diagnostic Imaging

CRH temporarily relocates outpatient imaging services

Effective Nov. 4, 2022, Columbus Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) has closed and services have been relocated to a temporary location on the main hospital campus.

Outpatient imaging services has shifted from CDI’s Creekview Drive location to the hospital campus. The lease on the current building that houses CDI expires at the end of this year, and the landlord and CRH were unable to come to agreeable terms to extend that lease. Furthermore, the new, longer-term location for outpatient imaging services will not be ready by the end of this year; hence, the need for an interim solution until the long-term plan is finalized. Facility requirements and regulations for the housing and operation of imaging equipment and technology is very detailed and specific. The move of the services housed at the Columbus Diagnostic Imaging facility to the hospital campus is the most cost-effective and efficient option.

All CDI and Imaging staff will remain employed throughout this move and temporary relocation which is projected to be at least 12 months. Imaging services will remain comparable for patients with some pricing structure modifications. This includes the low-cost, low-dose screening programs. Patients with appointments already scheduled or needing to be scheduled after Nov. 4 will be rescheduled to the new temporary location. Those patients will be notified and provided detailed instructions.

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