Feb 2, 2023

40-Year Service Award Recipient: Sue Capps

Sue CappsSue Capps likes to bake, and her favorite cookie to make is a monster cookie, which is aptly named - it’s chock-full of sugar, eggs, butter, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, M&M’s, peanut butter, and oats. She is pretty busy, though, working both at CRH and Target, so she doesn’t get to bake as often as she would like. 

At CRH, Sue is a perioperative charge analyst. In that role, she takes the operating room papers from surgery and inputs the information into Epic – the type of surgery, who was staffed in the OR at the time of surgery, supplies that were used, and so forth. She does the same for Endoscopy procedures. She takes pride in doing her job well. “I like making sure the billing is correct to help out and not make any mistakes,” she said. 

Sue celebrated her 40-year Service Award in 2022. When she started at CRH, she worked in the Laundry and Linen department. After laundry was outsourced, she transitioned to Housekeeping and then later worked as an aide in the OR. But her introduction to CRH came even earlier than 40 years ago when she was a candy striper in high school. Working at CRH feels like working with family to Sue. “I remember when Mr. [Jim] Bickel was working in the store room, he would always help everyone out and do whatever he could,” she said. That feeling of supporting one another like family was especially strong when the 2008 flood occurred. Like others who have shared their memories of the flood, Sue is grateful for Administration’s support of the workforce during that time. “The hospital made sure to take care of everyone by payroll or feeding us while we were at work,” Sue said.

Sue enjoys the team she works with and simply coming to work every day, even if it means she doesn’t get to bake as often. “I have had a very good life,” she said. 

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