There's a Health App for that: Wearable Activity Trackers (Part 2)

This is the second post in our blog series: There's a Health App for that. To view the first post in the series click here.

Wearable Activity Trackers:

Activity trackers have evolved considerably during the last 10 years.  Once used to track individual steps, these devices now offer multiple ways to track everything from heart rate to sleep schedules all while syncing that information to a computer or smartphone. The ability to sync this data allows an individual to know exactly how active or inactive they have been that day. This area is really flooded with features, styles and competitors that can make it hard for a person to choose the device and associated app that is right for them. Devices range from around $20 to $500.  Another thing you may want to consider is what kind of device your family or friends have because with some brands there are ways to share your information with others for some friendly competition or perhaps to offer support and encouragement toward health and fitness goals.  Below are a few popular choices to consider that don’t break the bank, but offer a pretty good mix of functionality. 

  1. Misfit Flash – Misfit offers a variety of styles and has some affordable options if you want to try something without dropping some serious coin.

     $19.99 -


  2. Garmin Vivofit 3 – This fitness tracker is designed as a wristband and features a display that lets you know when you have been inactive for too long.  The Vivofit 3 learns your activity level over time and then assigns a goal for you to reach every morning.  Kind of like a personal assistant.

    $99.99 -


  3. Fitbit Charge HR – The Charge HR is one of the ultra-popular Fitbit’s line of fitness trackers.  The Charge HR is one of the few trackers that monitor your heart rate. Fitbit has a variety of products and each one connects with a pretty robust app to help you keep track of all sorts of things along with keeping tabs on all of your friends and family members that have Fitbits.  149.95 (cheaper on Amazon) -


This content was originally presented during one of our monthly WellConnect Lunch and Learns.  Click here to learn more about WellConnect.

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