Five Reasons to Have Your Hearing Tested

Hearing is a very important part of our lives that many of us take for granted. Having our hearing evaluated is something that is not done as part of routine physicals. It has been recommended that our hearing be evaluated once a decade until 50 years of age and then every 3 years. Listed below are five reasons to have your hearing tested.

Job Performance: Hearing loss is not something that happens after we retire. It can happen at any age. If you are having trouble hearing conversations with your co-workers, missing information at meetings, or forget instructions, then you might have a hearing loss. This can affect your job performance and possibly hurt when it comes time for promotion or bonuses.

Personal Safety: Hearing loss not only affects our ability to understand spoken words but also hear the warning sounds that surround us in our day to day lives. It might prevent us from hearing a siren, the honking of a horn, or the shout of alarm. This not only puts ourselves at risk but also those around us.

Relationships: Our hearing loss not only affects us but our family and friends as well. They may think we are ignoring them, get frustrated that they have to constantly repeat themselves, or have to repeat what others say because we missed what was said. Over time this can put a strain on our friendships and our families.

Well-being: Untreated hearing loss is not an isolated condition. It affects many other aspects of our health and well-being. Hearing loss has a cognitive effect on our brain and brain function. It can lead to an increase risk of falls, isolating oneself from social functions, depression, dementia, and increased blood pressure.

Risk Factors: Family members who have hearing loss that started in their 50s or 60s; history of ear infections as a child; past or present work environment where there is loud noise, especially if ear protection was required; and recreational activities like hunting, music, power tools, racing or any other activities that involve loud noise for extended periods of time.  

Hearing tests are painless procedures that usually take 20 to 30 minutes. Most insurances cover diagnostic hearing evaluations. Once this first test is completed then a baseline has been established to monitor any changes. If the test reveals hearing loss sufficient for treatment, then your various options can be explored.

If you are interested in having your hearing tested, contact the Audiology Department at Columbus Regional Hospital at 812-376-5373 option 2 for your complete diagnostic evaluation by one of our licensed Audiologists. 

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