Life After Cancer

healthyNot smoking. Staying active. Keeping a healthy weight. Eating a well-balanced diet. All these things can prevent certain cancers and make a cancer survivor feel better.


Unfortunately, studies have shown that many cancer survivors are unlikely to exercise, eat right and maintain a healthy weight.

Research in the journal Cancer found that, compared with other cancer survivors, colon and breast cancer survivors were less active. That’s a shame because experts say these survivors could gain the most from activity.


Exercise cuts your risk for many diseases besides cancer. To get more active:
•Wear a pedometer to help you count your steps
•Pedal an indoor bike or walk a treadmill while watching TV
•Go dancing

Furthermore, a healthy diet low in fat and sodium will help you feel stronger, rebuild your body and cut your risk of getting new cancers.

Understand Your Cancer Treatment Options in this Video:

At, watch the “Footprint of Therapy” video as Dr. Kevin McMullen,

Cancer Center oncologist, discusses the advanced cancer treatment options available at CRH and the importance these tools play in survivorship.

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