Nurse Navigators aid patient in breast cancer journey

A breast cancer diagnosis comes with a lot of uncertainty, emotion and fear. Breast cancer patients of Columbus Regional Health can rest assured that our team is committed to providing and coordinating the best care and treatment possible; however, we like to take it even one step further.

The Breast Health Navigator program of Columbus Regional Health exists to support our breast cancer patients with a warm, familiar face and someone who consistently assists throughout breast cancer treatment and recovery; from keeping track of appointments to keeping spirits up, and everything in between.

Breast Health Navigators are specialized registered nurses who work with patients diagnosed with breast cancer to help them through their journey. They provide education and support to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of the patient. Our Breast Health Navigators are all Certified Breast Care Nurses (CBCN). CBCN is the only accredited certification program that is available exclusively to registered nurses and encompasses the entire spectrum of breast care nursing practice. The Breast Health Center of Columbus Regional Health has three full time CBCNs available to assist patients.

“I assist patients with breast cancer to understand their diagnosis, give education on that and be that second set of ears along the way of their treatment plan,” said Tammy Creech, RN, CBCN who has been a navigator with the Breast Health Center of Columbus Regional Health for more than 10 years.

“Sometime we are helpful by just being there especially if they have very little family support.”

From the moment a patient is diagnosed, a CBCN is there with him or her along the way. The nurse navigator can help sift through confusing information, make appointments, attend appointments alongside the patient and be an advocate for the patient and his or her wishes throughout treatment. Our navigators are also happy to assist a patient's loved ones as they offer support and try to understand the diagnosis and care plan.

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