Dr. Olsen Answers Top Wound Center Questions

What is an advanced wound center and why do you practice there?

This is a common question that I receive when caring for patient with a wound or speaking with a family member who has a wound.

The Wound Center is, quite simply, a place that is designed to provide everything that a patient may need to heal a wound. 

What patients are appropriate for care at the wound center?

Any wound can be seen at the Wound Center. If you have had a wound for any period of time or if you have a wound which is worsening, possibly infected or is slow to heal then you should be seen at the wound center. Patients with complex medical history and comorbidities are best taken care of at a wound center by providers with extensive experience.

What makes this wound center unique?

The Wound Center provides complete integration with all services through Columbus Regional Health. Specialist referrals can be made to infectious disease or vascular surgery if needed.  Inpatient care can be arranged if needed. This Wound Center is unique in that a number of medical specialties are represented within the physicians that practice there. There is a doctor at the wound center that has specialized experience in healing the type of wound that you have.

All patients also have nurse case manager involved in their care. This is a powerful resource assisting with answering questions, coordinating care and providing additional patient access to their wound care providers.

What services are available at the Wound Center?

Expert local wound care including debridement and dressing selection form the basis for any successful wound care. For more complicated wounds the following services are also available.

A chronic wound is a high risk situation inviting infection and endangering overall health.

Please call (812) 669-1580 for an appointment to have your wound evaluated.

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