Conquer Cabin Fever This Winter

Wintertime can wear down even the hardiest folks. These annual doldrums are often related to factors we can’t control, like shorter daylight hours, and chilly weather. But there are steps you can try to lift your spirits:

Keep on the Sunny Side
A specific type of depression — seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — may stem from too little sunshine. Step outside when you can — even if it’s cold or cloudy, it still may help. Increase your indoor light with lamps and sheer curtains.

Make a Move 
Exercise can boost your mood, relieve depression and decrease stress. Dress appropriately for cold-weather workouts — wear a hat, scarf, gloves, waterproof jacket (if it’s snowy or rainy) and several layers of clothing. Or opt for indoor exercise. Walk around your local mall or dance at home to upbeat music.

Stay in Touch
Call family members and friends to set up plans, volunteer in your community or join a social group.


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