Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Many people have long-lasting side effects from cancer treatments. For some, these side effects may improve on their own. For other people, these side effects persist and, if not addressed appropriately, may never improve.

Cancer Rehabilitation Specialists
Cancer rehabilitation specialists focus on treating a variety of problems that stem from current or previous cancer treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. These problems can include pain, loss of motion, weakness, fatigue, unsteadiness with walking, falls, trouble with speech or swallowing, memory or concentration issues, and lymphedema. 

At Columbus Regional Health, cancer rehabilitation services are provided by licensed clinicians, including physical, occupational, and speech therapists. These services are typically covered by most health insurance providers. Your cancer rehab team will work with you and your doctor to develop individual goals to improve your impairments and symptoms and to help you return to a higher quality of life. 

For more information on cancer rehab services, please contact CRH Rehabilitation Center at Marr Road at 812-372-3035, or talk to your physician about obtaining a referral.

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