When Moms Need More Support

Breastfeeding occurs easily and naturally for many moms. When moms have difficulty, lactation consultants often can help.

"Sometimes breastfeeding issues have a medical cause, such as injury to the nipple, previous breast reduction or hypothyroidism," said Amanda Dornfeld, M.D., a family medicine physician who also specializes in breastfeeding medicine. "Breastfeeding medicine doctors can help women with more complex breastfeeding issues so they are able to breastfeed their babies."

Krista Evans, an occupational therapist at Columbus Regional Health and a new mom, knows that breastfeeding can sometimes be frustrating. "The biggest thing is to not get stressed-out. Don't worry about whats in the bottle - any amount is a blessing," Evans said. Hydration is her secret to keeping a strong breast milk supply. "Drink water regularly," Evans said. "Have bottles around the house as a cue to drink."

Extra Help is Available
Dr. Dornfeld is one of the few physicians offering breastfeeding medicine consultations in Indiana. To make an appointment, please contact Sandcrest Family Medicine

Breastfeeding Coalition Helps New Moms
The Healthy Communities Breastfeeding Coalition also offers a variety of resources to help new moms breastfeed successfully. 
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