A True System of Care from Jim Bickel, CEO

As I encounter groups and individuals out in the community, I often hear a reference to Columbus Regional Hospital that is then quickly corrected to “Columbus Regional Health.” Some will simply refer to us as “CRH,” which covers either reference. The confusion around this subtle yet important distinction is certainly understandable, given our history as an organization that started more than 100 years ago as Bartholomew County Hospital. In the 1990s, we changed our name to Columbus Regional Hospital, which reflected a wider geographic reach and broad expansion of clinical services. Today, we are known as Columbus Regional Health. It seems like a simple change — perhaps even a bit trendy in nature — yet it holds major significance.

A “hospital” implies a place one goes for treatment or a procedure, or to recover from illness. Our founders devised our mission more than 100 years ago to meet a growing community need. Our hospital is the flagship facility of Columbus Regional Health, and remains core to our mission and vision by providing high-quality treatment across a broad array of clinical specialties with competent, caring and compassionate medical professionals.

The term “health” represents that which is bigger and broader; the definition varies. Health is both something we have and something we seek. People have different wants and needs related to their health depending on where they are in life. Columbus Regional Health intends to not only serve these varying needs but also meet them where they are and anticipate what might be needed at life’s next stage. All this takes a true system of care — one comprised of specialties from birth to end-of-life, and everything in between. It includes not only treatment and care, but also healthy living, disease prevention and education.

Being a health system requires teamwork and partnership across a continuum. Columbus Regional Health is engaged in many projects that support our mission and vision — from one unified medical record system for inpatient and outpatient care to lofty physician recruitment goals to ensure local access to high-quality care and services. These are in addition to maintaining valued partnerships aimed at enhancing the entire region — such as Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Fair Oaks Community Development Corporation. Just as our organization has evolved and adapted from its hospital beginnings, we look forward to building on that history and delivering on our mission to improve the health and well-being of those we serve for many years to come.
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